Beyond Vision LNK Services

Beyond Vision LNK offers DirectPay eye care in addition to DirectPay Global Eyecare memberships.  

Our DirectPay model removes third party influence in our scheduling and exam process.  Your exam is based around direct communication and patient / doctor decisions.

Annual Exam

Annual Eye Exam with Refraction

Includes: Exam slot up to 60 minutes with Dr. Ericksen, Dilation, Refraction, Visual Field Functionality Testing and Fundus Retinal Photos

Medical Office Visit

From eye infections and injuries, to Diabetic eye care, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration, as well as many other eye diseases, Beyond Vision LNK will help preserve and protect your vision. The bottom line is that we do more than just “routine vision” care. .

Contact Lens Fittings

Contact lens evaluations include tests and measurements not necessarily performed in regular eye exams.  New to contacts?  We will provide thorough training on insertion and removal techniques so you are comfortable with the process once you get home. If you are considering contact lenses, please let us know when you schedule your exam. This allows us to schedule the extra time required for contact lens fittings or prescription updates.

Pediatric Eye Care

As a mother of 4, Dr. Ericksen knows how vision impacts a child's life and how well they do in a classroom!  Many learning and attention problems at school can be traced back a child's vision.  It is important for children to have annual eye exams to help diagnose and treat any eye problems that they might not be aware of or able to fully explain to adults.  We advise that children have their first eye exam by age 3. 

Dry Eye 

Blurry, Irritated, Red Eyes

Here in Nebraska, we get to enjoy all the seasons of Mother Nature, sometimes in one week.  Our weather conditions and environment can exasperate Dry Eye Syndrome  Dry eye is a condition in which a person doesn't have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. Tears are necessary for maintaining the health of the front surface of the eye and for providing clear vision. Dry eye is a common and often chronic problem, particularly in older adults.

Lasik Co-Management

Are you considering laser correction surgery?  Dr. Ericksen did and had Lasik Surgery and knows how to help you.

We offer services to help with both the before and after preparations and management of LASIK surgery. We can also provide information about the surgery and give recommendations on trusted ophthalmologists in the area

Low Vision

Low vision is eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery cannot fully correct decreased vision.  This is often related to ocular disease and inherited family conditions.  

Foreign Body Removal

When you get something in your eye, it is very important to get it out as soon as possible. Foreign objects can damage your eye causing scratches, ulcers, and even more. It is also important not to try to remove them yourself, causing even more damage! If you ever have something in your eye, we will happily remove it for you. We also use this time to ensure that you don’t have any damage from the foreign body.



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