Beyond Vision Global Eyecare Plans

Beyond Vision LNK is thrilled to offer you eye care plans that take the insurance bureaucracy out of the process.  By taking insurance companies out of the process, you and your doctor are able to make decision based on what is best for you, not what is best for the insurance company. 


0-44 Years Old

$35/month OR $420/yr

Family Plan

$10/ month for each additional family member with 1 paid individual membership


Unlimited Refractions

Your eyes are the gateway to your world, why wait a year to see how well they are performing?  You wouldn't wait a year to get the oil changed in your car would you?

2 Office Visits for Ocular Health

Having the ability to come and have your eyes checked beyond just the typical refraction is eye to keeping your eyes healthy.

Unlimited Contact Lens Evaluations

Contact fit and comfort are critical to helping you get the most out of your contacts.  Make sure your eyes are comfortable all day long with our contact lens evaluations.

Local support

Ever see the big online store support your local event or cause?  Neither have we!  Beyond Vision LNK and Dr. Ericksen are fully committed to supporting our local community through giving back in service, time, and donations.

Contact Lens Fittings




Lincoln, NE, USA