Extended Exam Time

The comprehensive exam gives expanded time to express concerns and get answers.  We’re here to listen, because listening is caring. 

Personalized care

Your life and eyes are uniquely you.  We design your eye products, eye tests, and management personally to each individual in your family. #wearyourownglasses 

Full service eye care

Eye care is more than 20/20.  Trusting our vast experiences allow you to have eye disease monitored and get prescriptions for the active life you lead.  #seelife 

Direct Pricing

Our direct pricing is competitive with traditional offices, and offers freedom to receive additional wellness care.

Local support

Owned and operated by a Nebraska native family, we value the good life.  We want local businesses to flourish, and we won’t have outside parties impacting our services to our community. 




5 stars Carla is very professional, has very nice and uniquely decorated office. The equipment is high tech and exam conducted efficiently. I would recommend her and her new office to anyone

—  Ken